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We accept donations via Paypal or credit card.  Your donation will be processed on the secure website Donorbox.  If you would prefer to make a credit card donation with a live person, please contact the church office at 503-253-5457 during office hours.


What is Donorbox?

Donorbox is a secure payment website devoted to helping non-profits securely accept online donations. Every transaction you make with a credit or debit card anywhere makes use of a processor of some type. In the store, the processor is the machine you slip your card through. Online, it is secure processor apps like Donorbox that secure the payments. Some organizations (mostly retail businesses) host a processor app on their website and secure all transactions themselves, and thus you log into their secure payment app while remaining on their website. Donorbox operates on the same general principles as those hosted security apps, but is a separate service to the church.


Do I have to have a Donorbox or Paypal account in order to make an online donation to you?

No. One-time donations can be made via Paypal without creating a full Paypal account. You will need to make a full account at one or the other if you intend to make recurring payments, though. Your donations on Donorobx are fully under your control, so you can log into your Donorbox account and make changes to your recurring donations as you like.

If I decide to cancel a recurring donation, how do I do so?

Log into your Donorbox account and go to your list of donations. Click Cancel.

I want to make a recurring donation. How do I do so?

There is a checkbox list below the donation amount. Select one. Do note: if you plan to use Paypal instead of a credit/debit card, at this time Paypal only accepts recurring monthly donations.

What personal information does the church track?

The church tracks no information from site visitors, and only keeps the bare minimum on transactions -- that being: name, transaction number, amount, and contact email in case of problems.

I would like a Quarterly Contribution Statement for my records or for tax purposes.

Since the church doesn't track personal details, we will need an address to mail your statement to. If you are a church member or a visitor to the church who has given us your address, then nothing more need be done. Otherwise, include your address in the "other details" box of your donation, or send us an email/give us a call and give us your address directly.

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