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In a Giving Mood?  Donate $5 Today


Help our Parkrose UCC Youth & Friends get to Lake County California to volunteer with Sierra Service Project, this August.


We have been energetically fundraising for this venture and could use a little extra support. Every little bit counts. Just click here, it’s that easy!

Your tax-deductible donation will support our Youth program and in the bigger picture, the greater vicinity of rural, wildfire-stricken Lake County California.   

Here is a little bio of Lake County and is the area that our youth & friends will be serving.


“Lake County is currently ranked lowest in California for health outcomes, and almost 23% of residents live below the federal poverty level. At the invitation of several local community partners, the work of SSP volunteers will support long-term holistic solutions for vulnerable populations, which includes building a small community of tiny cottages.” Additionally, many projects have an accessibility and weatherization related focus. Attendees will see all stages of projects through to the end.


The Youth of Parkrose Community United Church of Christ are a small, engaged, dedicated and mighty group of young people who are committed to being involved in their communities and growing spiritually through their service and fellowship.


This group of young people:

Demonstrates their love of all- by actions such as, marching in Portland’s PRIDE parade, serving meals at Blanchett House and sorting pounds of food items at SnowCap Community Charities.


Their commitment to the environment by cleaning up miles of coast line with SOLVE, conducted marine debris surveys with Oregon Shores Conservation Coalition, volunteering at Washed Ashore Gallery, planting trees with Friends of Trees and native shrubs at Nadaka Nature Park.


Engage in continual “do-gooded-ness” by actively participating in the life of our church family & community.


SO, DO IT! Your click will make a difference TODAY! 


Thank you for your support.

Youth Summer SnowCap 2019.jpg

PCUCC is a 501(c)3 organization. Your donation is tax deductible. There is no minimum to in-person donations, but there is a small minimum of $3 for online contributions in order to help ensure that our service will never be used for credit card fraud*. In order to ensure that your payment is secure, PCUCC uses the Donorbox service for processing donations. We are not affiliated with Donorbox outside of using their security services, so we do not see any of your personal data outside of the bare minimum needed for accounting and attribution. 

*  When a thief steals a credit card, they will often look for a way to make a $1 payment in order to find out if they can use the stolen card. The longer they can prevented from succeeding at that charge, the better the chance the theft will be discovered and the card turned off before it can be sold on and misused.

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