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Where are Lenny and Louise now????

January 21, 2019

Hello, church family!

We bring you greetings from Christ Episcopal Church in Pensacola, Florida. Some of you may be wondering what we are doing at an Episcopal church. Well, sometimes we choose the church based on proximity to us and within our theological comfort zone (USS, Disciples of Christ, Methodist). Sometimes, the service times fit with what we can count on for transportation. But, in this case, it was the absolutely stunning architecture, as you can see from this photo. The church has two services at this church, and a contemplative service at 5 pm at the “old church”, which is the oldest standing church building in Pensacola. About 300 people were at the 10:30 service that we attended.

This was definitely High Mass, with all the Thees and Thous. The organ has those through trumpets that stick out and we were really hoping to hear them as part of a postlude. No such luck. The message was “We are all God’s precious children, OK just as we are.”  We were reminded of the saying “God does not make junk.”

We continue to be astounded by God’s great creation. Dolphins welcomed us into the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway, and then showed up at unexpected moments to guide us through a channel, or to just play tag with our boat.  We are in Panama City, FL right now, and can still see the effects of Hurricane Michael on the landscape and also what is available to us at the marina. First, we are at just about the only open one. Their office is gone, showers are gone, even indoor toilets are gone. They are grateful they still have fuel, since they thought they might lose their pumps and tanks as well.  At least they still have their livelihood.

We love and miss all of you. We have been following the renovation of the chancel and can hardly wait to see the completed results.

Blessings and love,

Louise and Lenny

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