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Week 3 - UCC of Lacrosse, WI

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Dear church family, 

We bring you greetings from First Congregational Church UCC, in Lacrosse WI. This was a warm and welcoming place and any of you would have said, "Well, if I can't be at Parkrose, I'd sure like to be here".

We thought of Aaron on Monday as we stayed at Winegar Works Marina in Guttenberg, IA. (Sorry no picture of there) Tuesday the 3rd we made landing in Dubuque, and were treated to a spectacular air show and fireworks display.  The docks and cove were pretty much wall to wall boats, but by the time we awoke on the 4th, things had emptied out and yesterday was even more empty. 

This week's picture is of Chip and Dayle in one of their quiet moments.  Dayle is especially a challenge because he wants to be doing something all the time.  Safety first,  however unpopular. 

Blog still not working properly, so stay tuned.

Blessings  Louise and Lenny  PS:  Our next major stop is Moline, Il, for Saturday and Sunday. Main attraction there is the John Deere Equipment Pavillion, somewhere we never would have gone, except for recommendations by other boaters.

First Congregational UCC of La Crosse

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