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Week 16 - Belle Meade UCC in Nashville, TN

We bring you greetings from Belle Meade United Church of Christ in Nashville,  TN! They are a small church, yet support 2 student ministers from Vanderbilt Divinity School, under supervision of their pastor. It was the last Sunday for one of them and we heard a wonderful sermon about all members of the body being essential.  

The bob cats looked at us through these windows. The church is built into a side of a hill.

It is a suburban church and one of the unplanned highlights of the service was seeing a mother bobcat and her 2 kittens looking at all of us during the service through the windows.

We have been lax in our blog because a lot has been going on, but should have an update next week . We have gone down the Ohio River from Evansville IN to Paducah KY, pretty much staying at the same places as when we went up bound. We then turned into the  Cumberland River and went upstream to Nashville TN.

Today we are headed back downstream on the Cumberland River, with our destination being Clarksville TN this evening.  Our next big destination is Chattanooga TN, which is on the Tennessee River. 

We enjoy seeing the pictures each week and keeping up with all of you.

Much love and blessings,

Louise and Lenny 

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