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Week 11 - Middletown Christian Church in Louisville, KY

Hello, Church Family,

We bring you greetings from Middletown Christian Church in Louisville, KY.  They are a very large Disciples of Christ Church, about 5 minutes from our hotel. They have 4 services on Sunday in a sanctuary that probably seats about 350-400 people. We were at the 11:10 am service and it was about half full. (Other services were at 8:30 am, 9:50 am and 5:30 pm). Music for our service was provided by the Band of Disciples, so the church was rockin’ and rollin’. We actually sang “For the Beauty of The Earth” and “How Great Thou Art” arranged for guitars, drum and electric piano. Fun for a change, but not sure we could do that style all the time.

This church’s tag line is “Live it out!” Simple, yet powerful words that immediately identify the church’s mission, which is exemplified by all the activities and ministries at this church. They have a very large staff (8 people) and the senior minister preached the sermon. He’s doing a sermon series called “The Worship of An Honest Heart: A Series in the Psalms”, and focused on Psalm 139 “Search Me and Know Me”.  Often times people think this is a psalm of lament, but he maintained it can also be  read as a psalm of praise. A lot to think about with that focus.

The good news for us is that our boat is finally fixed and went back into the water on Thursday. We will be in Louisville through Labor Day, then heading back down the Ohio River.  The blog will be updated over the weekend.

We miss all of you and enjoy seeing the Weekly Update and the Facebook postings.

Love and blessings,

Louise and Lenny

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