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Week 10 - Grace Immanuel of Louisville, KY

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Hello, church family!

We bring you greetings from Grace Immanuel United Church of Christ in Louisville, KY. This is a UCC church, with its roots in the Evangelical and Reformed branch of the UCC (as opposed to the Congregational branch). It reminded both of us of worship services we have attended at Disciples of Christ churches, including communion every Sunday and a focus on Jesus’ call to follow him and our responses to that invitation. Interestingly enough, the Gospel they are currently using is the Lost Gospel “Q”, an early collection of the sayings of Jesus embedded in Matthew and Luke. They have arranged their sanctuary in a U- shape, with the open end of the U where the Pastor, Liturgist and Musicians are located, and everyone else seated along the sides and bottom of the U. That means you can see a lot of people in worship. It takes them a long time, like us, to pass the peace. We were made welcome there by their pastor of 32 years, their pastor emeritus, and the entire congregation of about 100 people. They are an urban neighborhood church, and have valet parking, since parking is very limited in front of the church.

We have been in Louisville since August 5th, due to a propeller strike by a large piece of debris on the Ohio River. While we are awaiting the repairs, we have had time to finally get our blog working. Our niece, Christine Stout, has done a wonderful job with the layout and a map of our journeys. So, our future trip updates will be via the blog at You can subscribe so you will be notified when we do updates.

However, we will still make known in the weekly updates all the churches that we greet on your behalf, and what we find interesting and unusual about them.

Blessings to all,

Louise and Lenny

Click the map to view the interactive Google Map of the churches of Louise and Lenny's travels.

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