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Week 1 - Then Again Sets Sail

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

Hello Parkrose Church Family,

We wanted to give you an update on our Great Loop Adventure. After several delays, we finally officially began on Sunday, June 17th from Watergate Marina, in St Paul, MN. That is River Mile 845, which means 845 miles to the junction of the Ohio River. It’s like mile posts on a road and every location we head to has a River Mile, including marinas and Locks and Dams. Locks and Dams also have numbers, beginning at Lock 1, just above St Paul.

It has not been easy having no real schedule and being dependent on weather, availability of passage through the Lock and Dam, repairs and parts. We had issues that we thought we addressed on the boat before we left, that needed re-repairs, for example, and, as of Wednesday evening, we are constrained by the flooding on the River. We are going to wait out the 4 days of the flood warning at Pepin, WI, just down stream of Red Wing, MN.  We had not even heard of Pepin until Wednesday afternoon, but it appears to be a delightful place, and home of the Laura Ingalls Wilder museum. So, something that we didn’t plan on will probably be very worthwhile.

We spent Monday and Tuesday in Red Wing, MN, at one of the friendliest marinas we have ever been at, and instrumental in expediting our boat repairs. We had planned to stop there because we wanted to see the World’s Biggest Shoe at the Red Wing Museum.  Once the blog gets going you will see a picture of it.

The picture was taken of our boat in St Paul by one of the boaters we got to know there. We thought it was very fitting way to start our journey.

We have been rolling with the difficulties and celebrating our successes. We thank you for your prayers and know you are all in our hearts.

Blessings, Lenny and Louise


Lenny and Louise's blog is now active, visit the entry they refer to here:

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