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We bring you greetings from Charleston, SC

Happy Easter, dear church family,

We are currently in Charleston, SC, a small city that has over 60 churches and was called “The Holy City” by the sailors and merchant men that passed through her ports.

We were blessed to celebrate Easter at the Circular Congregational Church, on Meeting Street, in Charleston, SC. The original building was founded in 1681, and the structure that we worshipped in is the third structure, build in the mid 1890’s. The graveyard that surrounds the church has graves dating back to about 1695. The photo I attached shows the back of the church and graveyard.

They have quite a history, as you will see in the Wikipedia article referenced below. Lenny and I imagined the Declaration of Independence being read in that church!

There will be another blog update after we leave Charleston, which is at the end of the week. In the meantime, we will be visiting a rice plantation and a tea plantation.

We miss all of you, and especially appreciate the photos, and videos.

Love and Blessings,

Louise and Lenny.

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