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The further adventures of Lenny and Louise

November 12, 2018

Hello, Church Family!

We bring you greetings from The First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Florence, Alabama. Florence is on the Tennessee River, in Northern Alabama, right where Tennessee, Mississippi and Alabama meet. This congregation is about the same size as ours and is active in coordinating with other churches in their outreach efforts.

We had only planned to be here for a couple of days at the end of October. However, we will end up spending about a month here, due to some medical issues for Louise. Everything is now taken care, but there is some recovery that needs to take place before she can get back on the boat.  We are so blessed that we were here when they surfaced. She has had the finest care and everyone has stepped up to help us out. (When was the last time your doctor gave you his personal cell phone and said “Call me for anything, not just medical”.) Also, there was no room at the Residence Inn until the Florence Harbor administrator called over herself. Magically, a room appeared. Blessings like these have been overwhelming.

We have been continually reminded of God’s great love for us, as it is expressed by the actions of others.

We miss you all, individually, and as a community.  We hope to have a new blog entry out by the end of the week.

Peace and love,

Louise and Lenny

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