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Week 7 - UCC of Paducah, KY

Updated: Aug 24, 2018

Hello, church family, 

Our apologies for no update last week. By the time we remembered to compose it, we were too late for the deadline.

First off, greetings from the United Church of Paducah, Kentucky.  They are in the process of moving, having sold their old building and are in discernment for how to best serve their new neighborhood.  Sound familiar?

We finished our cruise down the upper Mississippi river and made the left turn into the Ohio River last Thursday.  We stayed at Paducah until Monday morning.  One of the reasons for the long stay was to return by car to Alton, Illinois to retrieve the dogs from a boarding kennel.  They needed a break from us and we needed to be able to anchor out for 2 days, since there were no marinas for a long stretch. So peaceful tucked in to a small channel or cove.

One of our more exciting times was going through the Meyers lock and encountering an unexpected torrential downpour. The problem was we had hatches open over the dining table and galley, and couldn't go inside to close them because we were outside tending lines as we rose up the lock wall.  Lots of microfiber towels were involved in the clean up.

Our picture is of Evansville Indiana at sunset. God's beauty is all around us and all we have to do is be open.

Blessings and love,

Louise and Lenny

UCC of Paducah

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