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Greetings to Our Church Family

November 28, 2018

Hello, dear church family!

We bring you greetings from the First Methodist Church in Florence, AL, where we have attended worship 2 weeks in a row. Louise took this picture before worship started last Sunday so you could appreciate the amazing, traditional architecture of this place. Here is a brief history of their church: Established September 8, 1822 in a log house on the West side of town by Revs. John Cox and John Kerr. Cox and wife Frances Langley had been affiliated with the Wesleys in England. Second meeting place was in Farmer's Cobbler Shop on West Mobile Street. The third house of worship was built at present site in 1827. It was replaced in 1835, and again in 1904 with a brick structure that burned in 1920. Present church was built in 1924 and renovated in 1968.

Their mission focus is addiction, in whatever form, but especially opioids and other types of drugs. They support those who are addicted and their families with the usual meals and so forth, but, for the new church year, they are turning their attention to how they can intercept these hurting people before they get addicted. They are a little bit larger congregation than we are, but have about 25 (TWENTY FIVE) people in the choir and many young children. Last Sunday we were privileged to be witnesses to an infant baptism.

We hope to be leaving Florence some time soon. Louise has been cleared medically to be back on the boat, and we believe our boat maintenance will allow us to move back on board soon. One thing we did not expect was that it would be so darn cold here! Tuesday morning’s sunrise temperature was 28 degrees. Chip and Dayle did not like that at all, so they were very swift in doing their business.

We like seeing all the pictures of you in the weekly update.

Blessings to you all,

Louise and Lenny

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