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Greetings from Union Church

August 8, 2019

Hello, church family,

Yes, we have been somewhat lax in attending church in the past few weeks. Many times we were traveling or something else came up. You all know the excuses!

Last Sunday,  however,  we combined church and sight seeing by attending the Union Church of  Pocantico Hills in Tarrytown,  NY on the Hudson River. This small Presbyterian church was the home church of the Rockefeller family and all the stained glass was created by 2 Post Impressionist artists: Marc Chagall and Henri Matisse.  Attached is the Good Samaritan Window by Marc Chagall. I was lucky to get this picture: you can see one of the church ladies coming to tell me No pictures!

This church is awaiting the arrival of their interim pastor and the equivalent of our Conference Minister was preaching.  She did an excellent job relating the  call of Simon, James and John to being open to God's call for the future of their church.  We would have all felt right at home with the church's theology as well.

We are heading towards the Erie Canal beginning Monday the 12th. Since we both grew up in western New York,  we have many relatives and friends to visit along the way.

Blessings to all of you . We miss you!


Louise and Lenny

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