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Greetings from Trinity Episcopal Church

May 24, 2019

Hello, dear church family,

We bring you greetings from Trinity Episcopal Church in Portsmouth VA.  This church was founded in 1761-1762, with the structure we worshiped in built in the 1890s.

One of the advantages of getting to church early is that we got a personalized tour given by one of the members, Dean Burgess. Our impetus for going there were the Tiffany windows and he encouraged us to actually touch the one you see here and feel the 3 dimensional glass that gives the windows their depth. When people wanted to see an example of Tiffany's work, he would send them here.

We will be in the Chesapeake Bay area until mid July. Just lots to see including Washington DC, Baltimore and Philadelphia.  We have already done quite a tour of the southern end of the Bay, with more to come. 

We love all of you and miss you in worship. 


Lenny and Louise

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