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Greetings from First Presbyterian Church in Brockport, NY

September 4, 2019

Hello, church family!

We bring you greetings from First Presbyterian Church in Brockport, NY.  The First Presbyterian Church, incorporated as the Congregational Society of Brockport, is a historic Presbyterian church built in 1852. It’s on the National Register of Historic Places, and, like many other buildings in this area of western New York State, needs some repair work and a new coat of paint. However, the congregation itself is very much alive and attuned to doing God’s work in the community. For example, they have a very robust vegetable garden in the front of the church, and all are welcomed to help themselves.

Their settled pastor is out on paternity leave for a couple of weeks, so the minister who delivered the sermon and celebrated Communion was their previous interim minister, a member of the UCC.  He is applying for another interim position and had some people from his potential new congregation at the service. He was warmly greeted by his former congregants, so he must have done a pretty good job.

Please know that all of you are loved and missed by us.


Louise and Lenny

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