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And Lenny and Louise are where?

Updated: Mar 9, 2019


Hello dear church family!

We bring you greetings from First Congregational Church of Sarasota,  Florida.  A very large church, both in real estate and in membership, there are two services on Sundays, one in the small chapel and the other in the main sanctuary.  They are ONA, and have many LGTB events and ways to connect to others.  We decided they must be the only ONA church for quite a ways, since they have events specifically for north county/Tampa area members.  Tampa is about an hour away. 

There are also snowbirds, but there must be a solid base of year round members to support their large staff. A most beautiful organ is prominent and next week they are hosting an organ recital by a member of the Julliard faculty. We are sorry to be missing that, since he will also be conducting their choir (about 50 to 60 members) at Sunday's worship. 

We are finally on the move at the end of the week.  We saw spring training games in Port Charlotte, Bradenton and Sarasota.  We also went on an all day Everglades eco safari . It's time to leave the west coast of Florida and cross Lake Okeechobee to begin our Atlantic coast journey.  (A few days bass fishing on the Lake is in store. )

We like seeing the sanctuary and chancel when we see the video. A small request : could we have a short video that shows all the changes?

Much love and blessings to all of you, 

Louise and Lenny 

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