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PCUCC Building Use Policies


  • You will be required to sign a rental agreement.

  • The room you have reserved will be clean prior to your event. The room should be left in the state it was found at the end of your event.

  • Food or drink is allowed in the room you have reserved as long as it is cleaned up afterwards.

  • Please replace moved furniture at the end of your event.

  • Do not remove furniture from the premises.

  • Use your reserved space only for its intended and stated purpose.

  • Refrain from any activity that would cause a nuisance to other building users or immediate neighbors, including excessive noise or strong odors.

  • Make a reasonable effort to not overload the electrical, plumbing, or HVAC systems.

  • No Pets Allowed (except for service animals).

  • Any signage you put up cannot damage the building and must be taken down at the end of your event.

  • Moderate Alcoholic beverage consumption is allowed on the premises as long as there is a licensed server and insurance coverage that covers alcoholic beverages

  • Smoking is allowed in designated smoking area.

  • No gambling

  • No hazardous materials may be brought upon or disposed of, on the premises.

  • At the end of your event, ensure that tables are wiped down, floors are swept, and the space you’ve reserved looks as it did when you arrived. (Cleaning supplies are available in the kitchen) 

  • Notify the office immediately of any broken or damaged equipment or church property.

  • Please make sure any food waste is disposed of in the outdoor garbage bins and any stored food is secured in rodent proof, locking plastic containers.

  • Do not store anything on church premises without express permission from your event coordinator.

  • You are responsible for any costs incurred from fixing or replacing any item damaged by your group.

  • PCUCC is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

  • Ensure there is adequate supervision of children while on church property. Try to aim to have 3 people in situations involving children with a ratio of either 2 children to 1 adult or 2 adults to 1 child.

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I have to pay?


Yes. You will be charged for using any PCUCC spaces, including outdoor spaces. Price is based on square footage and room capacity, along with amenities included in particular rooms. There is sliding scale pricing available for organizations which are partnered with PCUCC.


Do I have to have a 501©3?


Only if you are providing worship services. If you will be providing a public or private service during your occupancy at PCUCC, you will need proof of nonprofit designation. If you are hosting a wedding or other private event at PCUCC, you will not need to provide proof of 501©3 status.


Do I have to have insurance?


If it is single event (one time occurrence) your homeowner’s insurance will cover your event. If it is a recurring or ongoing event we will need a Certificate of Liability Insurance. If alcohol will be served, proof of a special event rider on insurance policy is required.


Do I have to have a particular religious affiliation?


Whoever you are, where ever you are on life’s Journey, you are welcome here.


What types of spaces do you have?


Sanctuary (Capacity: 100 persons)

Dining Hall (Capacity: 100 persons around tables or 120 persons with just seating)

Commercial Kitchen (Capacity: 10 persons)

Three Classrooms (Capacity: 30 persons each)

Meeting/Conference Room (Capacity: 20 persons)

Outdoor Courtyard (Capacity: 180 persons around tables or 250 persons with just seating)

Parking Lot (Capacity: room for outdoor market or festival – twenty 12’x12’ booths)

Grassy Area (Capacity: 150 persons)

For all Events: Parking Lot Capacity is 39 parking spaces & 15 overflow parking spaces

How long in advance should I reserve space for my event?

The earleir the better. Your desired reservation dates are more likely to be available the earlier you request your reservation. For recurring events, a three month notice will be required. For single day events, it is best to allow at least 2 weeks for scheduling.

When do you need full payment?

A 50% deposit is required at booking. Your deposit is refundable up to 96 hours or 4 days before the event. Full payment is due 48 hours before the event. No refunds for cancellations less than 48 hours in advance.


Do you provide long term and single rentals?


Yes. We can accommodate both single day and recurring events.

Can we use your tables and chairs?


You are more than welcome to use any furniture that is in the space you have reserved. Furniture may be moved to accommodate various activities, but must be moved back to its original position before your group leaves the premises.

Can we have our wedding at PCUCC?


Yes! We would love to host you for this special day.

Can your pastor officiate our wedding?


Yes! Our pastor, Rev. Donald Frueh, would be happy to officiate your wedding, provided he has schedule availability. Cost is $200.00.


Can your pianist accompany our wedding?


Yes! We can schedule a pianist for your special day. Cost is $150.00

Can we use flowers from your garden?

Varying amounts of flowers from our garden are available at $1.00 per stem. Fresh flowers are only available seasonally. Please ask whether this option will be available on your wedding date.

Can we have our reception in the Dining Hall?

Yes, the dining hall is available for you to use as your reception area. This is included in the cost of your wedding rental. Your group is responsible for all clean-up after the event. (See Wedding/Memorial Package)


Can we use your serving and dinnerware?


We have serving and dinnerware available for up to 100 persons. However, to take advantage of this amenity, you must also book the Dining Hall Kitchen at a cost of $150.00

Can we cook in the Dining Hall Kitchen?


Yes! You may book the Dining Hall Kitchen for an additional $150.00 dollars, which covers the cost of a Kitchen Manager who will be available during your wedding to coordinate use of the kitchen and cooking supplies.


Can we bring alcoholic beverages?


We allow small amounts of wine and beer at weddings, but absolutely no hard alcohol is allowed at any event. This policy is in place to support and acknowledge those who are in recovery. 2 drink maximum.


Can we decorate?


Of course! All decorations must be set up on the day of your event and must be completely taken down directly after the event. Please include set-up time on either end of your event in your initial room reservation.


Are there rules for using the spaces?


Please see our building use policies. All building users must agree to these policies before occupying spaces at Parkrose Community UCC.

How do we get in the building?


If you will be reserving space on a recurring basis, you will need to check out a key from the church office and return the key after your events take place. There is a fee assessed for lost or missing keys. If you will be reserving a space for single use, a hospitality manager will meet you at the start of your reservation time, to unlock doors and assist with locating restrooms, electrical outlets, etc.

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