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The History of Parkrose Community United Church of Christ.


"Parkrose Community Church [UCC] began as a community Sunday School in 1912, that met in a small white frame church on a farm at the corner of Columbia and Sandy.


In June of 1913, the church was formally organized, adopted a covenant, and was received into the fellowship of the Congregational Churches. 


It was not until 1915 that a resident minister was secured, and then, in 1917 a roofed over basement church was built on the sirte of the present church building at 105th and Wygant Streets. From its beginning, the building has not only been a place for Sunday School and worship, and regular church activities, but also used for all sorts of community gatherings, meetings, etc.


In 1922 the church building was completed on the original foundation, and Easter Sunday marked the first service in the completed building. 


Some very fine pastors have served our church, our community, our Conference, and our denomination in the 62 years of our existence. It was in 1956-57 that our Educational Building was erected, as we made room for the many children in the community. 


Again, in 1962 the sanctuary underwent an complete remodeling, to its present condition.


As we look over our history, we note that we have alsways stood for what our name implies - - a "community" church. We have been deeply involved in community work and have been a strong part of the Parkrose community since our charter day. Our present goals also lean toward even greater participation in our community - - which of course, is not just Parkrose but Oregon, our country and our world.

- - Rev. Charles W. Ross, minister." 

Churches along The Oregon Trail (Central Pacific Conference UCC) 1976


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