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A.  A map of the building has been created to show exit routes.  Please look for this in every room in the building.

B.  If there is an event during service, one of the ushers calls 911.

C.  An announcement is made:  we need to leave the building. 

D.  One usher will get to the nursery, classrooms and office area and alert people that there is a need to exit.  Go to each classroom, knock and alert staff.

E.  The people in the sanctuary will be led out by the remaining usher. Everyone will exit out the back of the building.  All will gather in the courtyard, closest to the community garden.

F.   Once everyone is evacuated ushers, pastor and moderators will do a building sweep to insure everyone is out. 


For events that are not in the sanctuary, please consult the exit map and exit the building.

Sunday Service
Emergency Exits - Sanctuary 2019.jpg
All Hours & Rooms
Emergency Exits - Master 2019.jpg
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